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History dates the beginning of Valentine’s Day all the way back to Victorian England. According to one legend, a daring priest named Valentine continued to marry young lovers even after Emperor Claudius II declared marriage illegal. Another story claims that Valentine, while in jail, wrote a secret letter to his lover who was the daughter of the jailer. He closed his love note with none other than “from your Valentine.”

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Verry Robin Co.

While it’s unclear whether or not Valentine cared for roses, today they serve as an essential symbol of love. Red roses represent passion, while a touch of pink adds a gentleness and a sprinkle of happiness to the day. 

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The lovely Jennifer Ashley, based in Houston, Texas, beautifully captures the playful spirit of love through her watercolors. As if struck by Cupid, the vivid strokes of her brush make us fall in love all over again.

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Whether you decide to spend this special day with a long-time partner, or to transform it into a memorable Galentine’s Day, allow yourself to receive love, give as much love as you have to give, and maybe even treat yourself. xo Robin

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