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A Verry Happy Holiday

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With twelve days of Christmas, and Hanukkah lining up with Christmas Eve and continuing through New Year's Day, the holiday celebrations are just getting started. This year flew by, but it’s not over yet, and there is still time to scramble for last minute presents for when the gatherings with family and friends officially commence. Before delving into the seasonal preparations, I plan to cozy up by the fire with the latest holiday drink trend, red wine hot cocoa

Verry Robin Co.

Once the holiday party planning begins, some bubbly champagne may be more appropriate. Throwing the perfect holiday get together does not require excessive amounts of garland and lights. Brighten up your décor this holiday season by breaking free from the traditional uses of green and red. 

Verry Robin Co.
verry robin co

The softened shades of green found in heavenly thyme, rosemary, and sage add just the right amount of Christmas cheer, in addition pine and spruce trees, of course. Drawing inspiration from nature, thoughtful accents of pears and feathers channel your secret passion for Christmas carols without requiring a literal partridge in a pear tree. 

Verry Robin Co.

After wrapping presents and preparing the hors d’oeuvres, slip into your favorite holiday heels. For a special final touch, apply a daring shade of red to your lips.    

Verry Robin Co. Christmas

Enjoy that glass of bubbly as you mingle and, hopefully, dance the night away. 

Verry Robin Co

Wishing you a very happy holiday. xo Robin

Robin Verrier